Buildings in fog-Landscape humidifier

A humidifier is designed in the form of forest buildings, and the smoke of the humidifier is used to create the visual effect of cloud and mist. When people stay and watch, the smoke accumulates and forms the landscape; after people leave, the smoke dissipates, adding humidity to the room, so that the humidifier has the function and is more ornamental. The principle explains: two spray points are set in the building group, the water bottle is hidden inside the building, through the shrouded structure, the smoke sprayed upward can bounce back and sink, forming the accumulation effect, and controlling the accumulation and emission of the smoke through the small fan in the building group. The humidifier has two modes of landscape mode: when people stay and watch, they turn off the small fan hidden in the building through the induction device, so that the smoke can accumulate steadily and continuously, and blow every minute for five seconds to enrich the changing state of the landscape. After people leave, small fan turns on blow smoke, keep humidifying indoor. Humidification mode: small fan continues to open, smoke continues to emit, to achieve sustained humidification