The evolution of mobile phones from a communications device to the existence of human body organs makes me wonder about this artificial species. In my opinion, the increasing influence of mobile phones on us is due to the credit of all kinds of applications. From the beginning of these various applications to meet people’s needs, to bring convenience to our lives, but today, more applications are creating needs. Does the phone get more and more done, or does it make us do more and more? Through my design, I hope to provide people with a new perspective to think about more of our relationship with mobile phones. In my design, apps exist in memory blocks, and only when the app is connected to the phone can the app be used on the phone, and people can use more applications by adding blocks. With the increase in applications, the shape of the phone also becomes huge, resulting in different use behavior, until it is difficult to control, or even out of control. Add: design is a concept of multiple ambiguities, and it has different purposes and forms in different contexts. For example, it conveys a concept that causes the public to reflect on the things they take for granted. Even the breakthrough and creation of culture. In the era of rapid development of all kinds of things, we should think more about the possibility of design besides problem-solving design. With the rapid development of science and technology, and even the active involvement in the world of people’s life and decision-making, more and more problems can be solved by science and technology. However, it is risky to design only for the needs of people, like using technology to keep humans in captivity. This is not the right thing to do. The output of design can not stop people from thinking, let people rely on technology and design. The output of the design allows people to focus on issues worth pondering without having to worry about trivial operations. This graduation project is a reflective design project on mobile phones that discusses an objective phenomenon in a near rational way (through real interaction and stimulated personal thinking). This form of design relies on imagination and takes a new look at what we see as a thorny problem. Discuss and argue the problems that exist, inspire and encourage people to freely imagine. Through the design, to discover the possibility that has the argument value.