Studio Introduction

Studio training goal:

Facing society and business and regarding the market we commit to develop the compound talents with quality of creativity and practical operation ability. The graduates are able to skillfully take part in business and design project running, with awareness of sensitive design innovation and trends, the quality of obsession with design business.


Studio research field:

Living Design Studio aims to study based on public life and behavior, human psychology and public’s aesthetic taste, attempting to creative household products , stylized furniture, personalized product. By bridging design art and others disciplines, the designers review the relationships between human and items, human and human, items and items, items and behavior in order to strength design with designer’s very design language.


Studio teacher team:

teachers:One of the Professor,One of the Associate professor,Two of the lecturer


Studio teaching configuration:

Teaching arrangement:

三上 / 设计要素、设计程序

三下 / 人与物的观察、设计创意、社会创新设计

四上 / 创业与实践、系统设计、设计风格

四下 / 毕业设计

场地条件:与企业共建的教室环境 C406, C409



工作室成立五年来,在师生们的共同努力下,已获众多国际国内各大设计奖项,包括德国IF、红点、星火奖、IDEA奖、台湾创意设计大赛奖、中国红棉奖、为坐而设计奖等。 在教学方面亦在加强校企资源、研究课题多方合作,探讨新思路及新模式。


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