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在校期间,设计作品获得:德国iF学生设计奖TOP300、雷克萨斯设计奖、台湾国际创意大学生设计比赛(6件)、台北设计奖、白金创意全国大学生平面设计大赛、靳埭强设计奖(2件)、中国大学生设计比赛、广东省高校大学生工业设计比赛(3件);香百年全国大学生设计比赛 银奖、江西朱子文化园旅游纪念品 铜奖 等国内外奖项30余项。




2in1 Kitchen Funnel


This is a kitchen funnel made by silica gel with two modes. The first mode is an ordinary funnel, but once it is folded, it turns to a special container. With the combination of these two functions, people can handle the kitchen work easily.



Many people take the book out, and they used to put them into the bag. However “Package” is a single rubber strap .When we take the books out, the Single shoulder strap can keep the books through the circle tightly fixed . When we walk on the street, people will produce a wonderful illusion that a bag hanging on our shoulders.






After vomiting on the plane, sometimes you remember you forgot to bring the tissue, and cannot wipe the vomitus immediately so that you have to ask others for tissue which makes you feel embarrassed. This design embeds the tissue in the upper part of the vomiting bag. You can directly take the tissue out when it is needed, thus avoiding the embarrassment that you cannot find the tissue after vomiting.


It will produce excess waste wood during the process of factory production.This is a redesign for wood, accroding to the grain direction, cut the waste wood into small pieces puzzles,which increases the difficulty of the game. According to details of the wood grain, people sliding the puzzles subconsciously so they can experience the nature rustic touch,as completing a beautiful painting.This will changes people’s inherent concept of “waste”.




This is a series of Mongolia souvenir,inspired by figures of the Khan.This cartoon figure can be adopted in some products such as tumbler,bottle stopper, key chain,badge.


East Meet West


When incoming foreign culture, we are always anxious, Eastern and Western cultures blend and collide, you need to run-time, both to learn modern, but also the tradition, “and different.” Adopt an open and tolerant attitude of looking at things, this is my “circle of life” point of view.

共生/ Embrace


Thing is circular, interrelated. If there is no root of life, how will we survive?


拥抱/ Embrace



The farthest distance is not life and death, but I have in front of you,You are playing phone.









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